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About the Oughtred Society Web Site.

Design and Standards

The goal for these Web pages is to conform to major standards that facilitate both maintenance and usability. For maintenance the Web pages are coded using XHTML 1.0 standards, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Server Side Includes (SSI).

Photo Credits

Photo credits or sources are listed by Web page, then by order of images on the page, in a condensed format.

Home Page

  • Charpentier in header: Clark McCoy.
  • Table with circular rules: Jim Cerny
  • Table with mix of rules and docs: Jim Cerny
  • Reference Manual cover: Robert Koppany

History Page

  • William Oughtred: unknown.
  • Thacher: Jim Cerny
  • Golden Gate Bridge: Tim Tiebout
  • Apollo 11 LEM: NASA

Meetings Page

  • Bob Otnes: Jim Cerny.

Membership Page

  • Credits at bottom of that page.

Patents Page

  • Nystrom calculator: Patent 7961.


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Server Logs.

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A Web cookie is text information that a Web page can instruct your browser to write to your browser's cookie file. Many Web sites use cookies to track usage patterns on their site on a page by page basis. We are not using cookies.

Tracking of Website Activity

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Monthly Usage Log Reports

Monthly reports are run to help manage the Web site, primarily to confirm usage patterns, identify trends, and spot anomalies. Password access is required because it is very easy for those unfamiliar with the terminology and nature of server operations to misinterpret the results.

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